5th Anniversary Sale

5th Anniversary Sale

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Goodness, it has been 5 years from where NEXTIE started, a milestone of our company!

5 years ago, NEXTIE was founded in this beautiful coastal city Xiamen on 10th July 2013. We developed our first private mold rim product: Wild Dragon 26” 90mm carbon fiber fat bike rim, which was initially suggested and designed by Ryan Melnyck at lbsbikes. It attracted so many customers who desire high quality carbon wheels for their fat bikes. This hit product had been sold in a quantity of over 2000 and to 6 continents all around the world. Sailing from there, we then designed Black Eagle, Snow Dragon and more carbon fat rims corresponding to more customers’ requests and needs. 

We encountered some significant changes in this industry. From mtb rim hooked version to hookless version, the latter of which is most popular now in the field; from narrow 24mm / 27mm width, to the current 50mm plus carbon mountain rims. These industrious innovations  guide us to serve more riders better products and services in different cycling forms. 

Additionally, we have been providing high end carbon road bike rims, completed wheelset, and spread range of BMX, to lately developed gravel rims. Most of these good products were suggestions from some of our esteemed and loyal customers. It is you who push and help us to improve, and we gained more than we know from this beneficial interaction. 

We made good friends with thousands of customers in bicycle field, and they are sharing their cycling worlds with people around and all over the world. It makes us alive, and our accomplishments remain incomplete without the support of our customers.

These 5 years are not easy. We would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks to all of our customers, and we feel so honored to share with you the good news of our anniversary sale. Take this advantage and enjoy your purchase. We hope this purchase would amaze your bicycle. 

This anniversary sale starts from date 10th [00:00] to 23rd [24:00] July 2018 [Pacific Time], lasting two weeks.


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